The Requirement Of A Knee Brace To Prevent Harm Or After Knee Surgery.

Do knee braces prevent knee injury?

There are many kinds of knee braces, there’s Prophylactic Braces, Functional Braces, Rehabilitative Braces, and Unloader braces.

The knee is the biggest joint in the body, and is one of the most easily injured. Knee braces are used for additional support to a pain or injured knee, they’re most often recommended after surgery to the knee itself. But could knee braces help prevent these from occurring and are they necessary after operation?

A common knee injury in athletes is a torn ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament), it is cause by either rapidly changing direction, sudden stops, or from touchdown on it erroneously after jumping or falling. A torn ACL will more often than not require surgery after the tear occurs. After operation a knee surgeon will most probably recommend wearing a knee brace for a period of time. We’ve found possibly the greatest knee surgeon in Wollongong when it comes to ACL repairs for sports injuries. Make sure to check out for more information.

After local knee surgery – visit commenced surgical ACL reconstruction, a knee brace will not significantly prevent against harm during or after healing. Is a knee brace necessary after operation? It’s not, light knee exercises and physical therapy and starting it early will aid the knee and start a speedier healing than the usual knee brace.

A knee sprain is another common knee injury. A knee sprain occurs from abnormal motion of the joint during physical action or direct hits to the joint. A knee brace isn’t going to prevent this type of harm from occurring, but will help will the healing process.

In both cases of a torn ACL and a knee sprain there isn’t any consistent evidence on if a knee brace could actually prevent these harm’s from occurring.

One study demonstrated a knee brace reduced the speed of injury to the MCL (the interior-knee counterpart of the ACL). Another study reported an increase in knee ligament injuries if braces were worn during physical action, there’s some evidence yet that wearing a patellofemoral knee brace during running can assist in preventing the development of knee pain.

In conclusion, do knee braces help after operation or prevent injuries?

Generally in most cases they do not.

A knee brace is recommended for additional support after most injuries your doctor or knee surgeon will recommend the right brace for your particular harm. But most cases indicate that a knee brace simply limits your movement causing the knee to not have the capacity to extend and rotate as it wants to properly reinforce and recover the joint from injuries. Doing hip, leg, and knee exercises to reinforce the muscles and joints will considerably help in preventing and harm’s from occurring. Restricting the amount of strain the put on the knee joint will even prevent injuries from occurring and will also aid in the healing process and prevent further harm from taking place.